Why Study in London?

One reason is its extraordinary diversity; a host of surveys and studies rank London as the most cosmopolitan city in the world. This means that living in London is, in a sense, living anywhere in the world – it gives a simply unrivalled opportunity to explore the food, clothing, art, music, culture of every continent except Antarctica. In London, a walk around the block can be a trip around the world. Moreover, homesickness is practically impossible – the culture of your home country or community is unlikely to be more than a few minutes away.

London is also richer in cultural resources and activities than anywhere else. Well over 100 plays are performed somewhere in this city every night. Music seems to pour from every window: there are thousands of clubs, discos and music pubs and seven major orchestras. The museums and art galleries are world famous, and rightly so.

London is also a world centre for many types of business: finance, public relations and advertising, the creative industries. This creates opportunities for networking that can kick-start a career. For Americans studying abroad, London has some extraordinary advantages. Perhaps the most important is the English language; London is certainly not an American city, but it is one where Americans can make themselves understood easily. Moreover, the rest of Europe is easily accessible. Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam are just a short train ride away; the rest of Europe within easy reach by air. Practicum project possibilities are varied and exciting – you might find yourself doing research for a Member of Parliament, a world-famous advertising agency, an international financial institution, a glamorous fashion house, a life-changing NGO.