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LEB Education supports US faculty led courses in a range of academic disciplines and subject areas, designed to transfer back to your home institution either as elective credit or to count towards your major or minor field of study.

Unlock Your Potential:

Embark on a journey of holistic development through our immersive summer program that unfolds in a secure and welcoming environment. We prioritise creating a friendly atmosphere that respects and celebrates the richness of individual experiences. London, a city known for its cultural diversity and inclusivity, serves as the backdrop for this transformative journey. Our commitment to fostering a secure and supportive atmosphere enables students to thrive academically and personally, knowing that their well-being is our top priority.

The program is designed to cultivate excellence in the following key areas:

1) Academic and Career Excellence

Hands-on learning through practicum projects (supervised action learning) that bridge academic knowledge with practical skills. Engage in real-world challenges for diverse organizations, enhancing your problem-solving abilities and employability. Benefit from mentorship by senior London based executives and UK academics, gaining insights crucial for global careers. Develop leadership skills, navigate ethical dilemmas, and build international networks for a competitive edge in the professional realm.

2) Personal Growth and Resilience:

Experience personal growth in a supportive environment that goes beyond the classroom, where small group dynamics and real-life business challenges foster collaboration and resilience. Navigate the complexities of global markets, present findings to local companies, and emerge as a well-rounded individual ready for the challenges of the professional world.

3) Cultural Fluency and Global Acumen

Enrich your cultural adaptability through a rich program that includes visits and lectures uncovering British life and culture. Immerse yourself in a simulated business environment, preparing for a global career with a mindset attuned to diverse cultures. Gain a deeper understanding of the world and develop the skills needed to thrive in an interconnected global landscape. Join us for an exclusive opportunity to grow academically, personally, and culturally. 

4) Professional Networking and Business Connections:

Elevate your career by forging invaluable connections with industry leaders during our program. Engage in meaningful interactions with senior executives, UK academics, and fellow participants, creating a robust network. Develop relationships that extend beyond the program, laying the foundation for future collaborations and opportunities. 

5) Global Citizenship and Social Responsibility:

This is a transformative summer program that has been designed not only to enhance your academic and career prospects but also to instill a sense of global citizenship and ethical responsibility. Gain insights into sustainable practices and responsible leadership, fostering a sense of duty towards creating positive change in the world.


Business: Global Business, Marketing and Finance

Health Care: Nursing, Physical Therapy

Arts & Humanities and Communications literature: Theatre, Photography, History, Art History and Cross-cultural Communications

Social Sciences: Political Sciences, International Relations, Sociology and Economics

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Globalization Summer Program – Maryville University faculty led program

A study of how international economic and socio-cultural linkages have made the nations in the world so tightly integrated.  London, a leading global city, is the perfect venue for experiencing and learning about globalization – its good and bad effects, who gains and who loses, and the hopes and challenges that globalization brings.

Who should attend? This program is appropriate for students in business, international relations and all other students interest in international business and globalization.

Structure of the Program: This program is composed of two courses (6 credit hours in total):

Globalisation course (3 credits) 

Practicum course (3 credits) 

British Life and Culture Summer Program – Maryville University faculty led program

This program offers an introduction to contemporary British society for students who are interested to know and understand the British way of life, patterns of thought and socio-cultural background. Topics covered include unity and division within the nations of the United Kingdom, the British Empire and its legacies, contemporary British identities and multi-culturalism, British class structure and social mobility, and an introduction to key cultural issues.

The program offers students insights into Modern Britain by examining the history of  some major social and political institutions, the cultural values of its peoples and significant contemporary socio-political issues. Topics covered will include debates around how united the United Kingdom really is, the British Empire and its legacy, diversity and multi-culturalism, Monarchy and parliamentary democracy, and the important role played by culture in Britain.  The program aims to facilitate student orientation in the context of British society and to offer an important socio-historical framework relevant to the other courses they will take. Field trips to historically and culturally important sites are an integral part of the program.

Who should attend? This program is appropriate for students in humanities, social sciences, business, and all other students interest in Modern Britain.

Structure of the Program: This program is composed of two courses (6 credit hours in total):

Required Course:

British Life and Culture course (3 credits)

Plus one from the following:

Practicum course (3 credits)

Multicultural London course (3 credits)

Credit System
Transcripts are based on the U.S. semester credit system. Most faculty led courses carry three semester hours of credit, based on 45 hours of classroom and course excursion contact time. There will, of course, be homework, reading and assignments outside these hours.

Transcripts are issued by Maryville University, St. Louis, Missouri.

Business Practicums – Maryville University faculty led program
Business Practicums are action learning projects designed to provide students with an opportunity to manage a project for a real client during their stay in London. They are team based and can be between four and twelve weeks duration, depending on the nature of the project and the number of hours per week devoted to it. On short, summer programs students would be expected to devote 12 – 15 hours per week to the project. Semester students might undertake this as one of four course options, giving 5 hours per week to the client.

The precise nature of the project can vary enormously depending on both the nature and the needs of the client. Clients can be household names and large corporations (Harrods and Hilton Hotels in the recent past) or small local businesses (a London map-maker, a printing company, a beauty parlour). The common denominator is a genuine need for help with a problem or appreciation of the value of some independent research beyond the resources or capabilities of the client. This may be a general management problem, a marketing issue, a finance matter or any number of specific challenges.

Certain characteristics are, however, common to all Practicum projects.

      • Teams of four to six students.
      • Supervision by an approved faculty member, who is also available for consultation throughout.
      • An initial briefing meeting to determine the issues, discuss resource requirements etc.
      • Facilities at LEB for desk research, telephone interviews, internet access etc.
      • Instruction, where necessary, for questionnaire design and facility with other research instruments.
      • Regular meetings with the client to report progress and ensure we are ‘staying  on  track’.
      • A final, formal presentation of results and recommendations with feedback from the client on the usefulness of findings and processes.

Students will be required to submit two papers for grading purposes.


      • (a) A summary of the project requirements in week 1 (detailing the nature of the organisation, the perceived tasks and the proposed modus operandum of the team) and a final report in week 3 (including the final findings and recommendations to the company).
      • (b) A reflective paper at the end of the project, addressing issues of group dynamics, lessons learned, usefulness of the exercise for the client etc.


Additionally, feedback from the organisation will be used by the instructor, together with observation of performance in group meetings and at the final presentation. The quality of questionnaires, spreadsheets and other research instruments will also be assessed together with the final group PowerPoint presentation.

Note that expectations will be higher for graduate students in the team and the precise weightings of the elements above may be different from project to project but will always be agreed in advance.