A message from LEB Director

It is a special pleasure to welcome you to the city which has been my home for over fifteen years. During that time thousands of international students have passed through my hands. Many keep in touch on Facebook and many more still live here.

London is truly a global city and this is reflected in the range of course offerings in this brochure. Courses in business, the social sciences and humanities are designed to provide you with a wider perspective than that typically experienced in a U.S. classroom. Many will make use of our central London location to help you appreciate and enjoy the arts and humanities at first hand.

Seeing a Shakespeare play at The Globe, visiting Dickens’ house, viewing a major art exhibition at the Tate Gallery or seeing the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum are typical examples of how we enhance your cultural experience. Visits to the Bank of England or the Houses of Parliament complement classroom learning in other disciplines.

The selection of courses that we support for US faculty led programs emphasise the global nature of the world we live in, in terms of business and economics as well as politics and international relations. The multicultural ambience of London provides exposure to different ways of thinking and students can learn from distinguished international professors as well as knowledgeable American faculty.

Whether you spend a month in summer or (better still!) a whole semester with us, London will become your classroom. Practical projects will give you hands-on experience and a chance to meet real Londoners at work and at leisure in the pubs, cafes, parks and restaurants of our city.

The pages which follow provide information on a selection of popular course offerings by the Universities we support, available over the academic year. But LEB Education is also responsive to the special interests US faculty who may wish to propose other fields of study. Whatever your academic, professional and cultural interests, we look forward to welcoming you to our city.

Dr Nikos Tsorakidis

London is truly a global city and this is reflected in the range of course offerings on this website.