Application Procedure for YSU Students

Application Procedure for YSU Students

Students must complete the application found on and following the instructions below to complete the (8) part application. Before a student can apply, they must fulfill the criteria below to attend LEB’s Summer Study Abroad excursion.



Undergraduate YSU Students:

  • Must be in Sophomore standing (30-59 credit hours completed)
  • Must have an accumulated GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Must be considered to be in “Good Standing”
  • Must have no conduct violation for the term/terms he/she wishes to study abroad
  • Student must attend a study abroad information session on a Friday from 12-1 before he/she can proceed with the process


Courses and Equates

For Economics & Business Majors

Maryville University Youngstown State University

Econ 497 – Globalization Econ 37XX


For All Students

Maryville University Youngstown State University

BUS 499 – Practicum BUS 4888 – Internship  


Equates by Degree

For Business Majors

ECON 37XX can be used for an upper division business elective

BUS 4888 will be used for BUS 4888


For Economics Majors

ECON 37XX will be used for ECON 37XX

BUS 4888 can be used for a 37XX upper division elective


Information about the application process

*See attached video in email

Instructions to completing YSU application for LEB

  1. In search bar enter:
  2. Scroll down left column and click:  “Advanced Search”
  3. Under search by program select: “Affiliated Programs”
  4. Under search by country select: “United Kingdom”
  5. Under search by city select: “London”
  6. Under search by provider select: “LEB Education”
  7. Under search by term select: “Summer 2018”
  8. Review proper program, for Economics & Business Students select “LEB Education Globalization Summer Program” then click: Apply
  9. A screen will appear asking to either login or create an account — follow the action that applies to your current status
  10. Once logged in, under “online forms” click: Application Form
  11. You must FIRST complete the Study Abroad Application
  12. Complete the remaining (7) sections to the application and submit